Consulting and Ordering

Consulting and Ordering

Washing powder (Laundry detergent)

“Dornikatrade” detergent powder is used for machine and hand washing. You can protect the health of your hands skin. This detergent prevents damage to the washing machine and by using the ability to be activated in cold water, even the hardest stains are removed at low temperatures.


dishwasher tablet

Many people who use a dishwasher have difficulty choosing and ordering dishwasher pills. In general, the number of brands of dishwasher tablets are limited, however, from this number, choosing the right product seems difficult. Ask us for the best brands of this product.

Fabric softeners

Some people may think that using washing powder or liquid is enough when washing clothes in the washing machine! But this idea is completely wrong. To have soft and delicate clothes, it is better to use different types of fabric softeners. Fabric softeners not only make the fabric soft and supple, but they also add a very good smell and durability to your clothes.


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Hand washing powder
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Dishwasher tablets
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One of the main tasks of detergent factories is the challenging operation of distribution and marketing of manufactured goods, which is associated with various concerns and difficulties. For this purpose, our detergent factory sends the shipments purchased by customers to different countries with the lowest tariffs to facilitate the distribution and delivery of the detergent goods produced in cooperation with large and global shipments.